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Get Weird: Deakin / Prince Rama

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Get Weird: Deakin / Prince Rama

December 10 2010

As a Member of Animal Collective, Josh Dibb has participated in the most compelling, visionary, and emotive musical exploration of the decade. Performing solo as Deakin, Dibb has discovered a hazy, textured new landscape for this wandering. Utilizing guitar, loops, samples and vocals, Deakin builds a delicate balance between discord and ambience. Crackling with emotion, songs engulf him in chiming, clockwork sounds. From within this nebula, Deakin’s voice emerges, clear eyed and focused, while earthy, foot-stomp rhythms unfold slowly and powerfully, reaching towards an expression beyond language.
The music of Prince Rama sifts through the global landscape of trance-induction, drawing inspiration from Krishna chants, horror soundtracks, revelatory psychedelic explorations, and the codeine drone of slowed and chopped rap. Described by the New York Times as “an ecstatic roar,” their newest LP, Shadow Temple, is a layered adventure set to skittering drums and resonant bass tones, narrated by a brazen trio of voices. Their live set, honed through ceaseless touring throughout the last three years, is a terrifying, celebratory, and transcendent experience