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Get Weird: Muscles of Joy + Remote Burial

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Get Weird: Muscles of Joy + Remote Burial

January 27 2012

Muscles of Joy are a new music ensemble based in Glasgow, Scotland. An all female psychedelic collaboration, with artists Anne-Marie Copestake, Ariki Poreous, Jenny O’Boyle, Katy Dove, Leigh Ferguson, Esther Congreave, and Victoria Morton, the band uses their songs to explore the intricacies of the human voice. Recalling the mutant contortions of Patty Waters, the otherworldly choir of OOIOO, and the disturbed storytelling of the Shadow Ring, the seven voices of Muscles of Joy soar and writhe atop a sparse, sonic architecture built from guitars, percussion, and synthesizers. This will be their first performance in New York, following appearances at the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum, Boston and Centre for Contemporary Arts, Glasgow.
Remote Burial is a new Brooklyn band that has created a sharp-edged distillation of early rock and roll. Atop the brash, intertwined guitars of Amelia Saddington and Raquel Vogl, vocalist Jim Loman convulses and howls, creating a compelling, disobedient strain of rock music, one that abandons decades of excess in favor of tightly-wound songs. Dedicated participants of a long-standing experimental music community in New York/Washington DC, the four members of Remote Burial have performed in a variety of bands, including the Cranium, Et At It, Meltdown, and Orthrelm.