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Get Weird: Main Attrakionz

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Get Weird: Main Attrakionz

August 26 2011

Main Attrakionz are the Oakland, California-based duo of Squadda B and Mondre, who both turn twenty years old this year. Despite their young age, the duo have been making music together for six years, releasing the first documents of this collaboration in 2009. In 2010, their hazy, waterlogged sound saw them bound into a burgeoning movement tagged “cloud rap” alongside such artists as Lil B, SpaceGhostPurrp, and Clams Casino. Taking place entirely outside of the record industry, the narcotic, ambient wash of cloud rap is exchanged through Tumblr feeds and online mixtapes, eliminating regional boundaries and giving these artists endless freedom to explore sounds. At a rate of two dozen new songs every month, Main Attrakionz are one of the most prolific and far-reaching ambassadors of this movement, tinting every sound they encounter in dark blues and greens.
This performance will be Main Attrakionz’s New York debut and will be accompanied by the premiere of a new video work by AHYVE and an opening DJ set by Walkmaster Flex.