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Get Weird: Ninjasonik and Cerebral Ballzy

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Get Weird: Ninjasonik and Cerebral Ballzy

December 18 2008

The New Museum is proud to present a hyperactive and sweaty party for December’s Get Weird, featuring Ninjasonik and Cerebral Ballzy.
Ninjasonik’s relentless beats and unstoppable swagger bring together the propulsive chant of Baltimore Club with the anything-for-a-beat scavenging of their friends Spank Rock and Diplo. Caught between the gritty charisma of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the sharp-edged provocation of GG Allin, the group rhymes about party-lurking, resisting haters, and creeping on art school girls. The single “Tight Pants” is a raw-throated anthem that’ll have even the meekest wallflower screaming out the hook.
Cerebral Ballzy are the newest and brightest crew in the rough-knuckled lineage of New York Hardcore. Built upon the unshakable pillars of skateboarding and one-dollar Coors, their “concrete jungle punk” draws on the speed-obsessed brutality of Suicidal Tendencies and Bad Brains, creating an inescapably energetic event with every live show.