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Body Politic: Healthcare Access: Gender, Sexuality, and Disability
Body Politic: Healthcare Access: Gender, Sexuality, and Disability (February 5 2017)
February 5 2017

Body Politics: From Rights to Resistance featured information sessions with lawyers, activists, and grassroots organizers on issues of bodies under duress: civil disobedience, protest, healthcare, policing, prisons, immigration, environmental contamination, and indigenous rights. Each session focused on resource sharing and modes of resistance, and included presentations followed by discussion with the audience. This session featured D'hana Perry and David Brown. 

At the time of this program, D’hana Perry was providing care coordination services for the transgender and gender non-conforming community at Callen-Lorde Community Health Center. Perry holds a BA in Sociology and Urban Studies from Ohio Wesleyan University, and an MFA in Media Art from Emerson College. They have over a decade of experience working in the nonprofit sector, including time as an AmeriCorps volunteer, a legislative aide for a state representative, and a public health researcher at the Fenway Institute in Boston. Perry is also a professional DJ, video artist, and documentary filmmaker whose work has been featured in various museums, galleries, and performance spaces.

David Brown joined the Center for Reproductive Rights in 2011 as a legal fellow, became a staff attorney in 2013 and senior staff attorney in 2016. He has litigated cases overturning unconstitutional reproductive rights restrictions in state and federal courts throughout the country. Recently, his cases have included three suits against Arizona anti-abortion laws that would have required doctors to practice twentieth-century medicine when providing medication abortion, and to lie to their patients while doing so. Among other cases, he is currently working on two suits against eight anti-abortion laws in Louisiana. In one of these, the Supreme Court granted the Center’s motion to reverse the Fifth Circuit’s stay of the Center’s victory in March, 2016. In the other, the State agreed not to enforce its own laws during the litigation. David previously led the Center’s team overturning Oklahoma’s emergency contraception restrictions, and has been a crucial member of litigation teams on several other of the Center’s most important recent suits.

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