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NON: Legacy Systems

Public Programs

NON: Legacy Systems

May 20 2016

NON is a multinational collective of artists from Africa and the African diaspora that expressly aims to articulate and challenge visible and invisible structures of power through the primary medium of sound. For this event at the New Museum, NONcofounders Chino Amobi, Angel-Ho, and Nkisi will perform individually and then together as a trio for the first time. Premiering new video work and making use of visual signs associated with both corporate brand identity and militant solidarity, the group will create a space for a concept of borderless “NON citizenry” that aligns with their mission to challenge binaries and boundaries across virtual and physical realms. With music that resists genres and incorporates samples, global beats, distortion, dissonance, and ambiance, NON describes their sound as “a weapon to destabilize and de-territorialize our audience; through this process of sonic reclamation and reterritorialization, we redirect the listeners’ attention to our message.”

NON: Legacy Systems is organized as part of the New Museum Spring 2016 R&D Season: LEGACY, which explores the ways and means by which our connections to the past are actively produced, evaluated, maintained, reproduced, and refuted. Examined across various presentational and pedagogical formats, LEGACY and its constructs are considered with respect to fashion, the readymade, utopian communities, institutional histories, and social choreographies. NON: Legacy Systems at the New Museum is organized by Emily Mello, Associate Director of Education.